Dr. Ehab Hassanein's Picture

Dr. Ehab Hassanein

Knowledge Systems Institute
3420 Main St.
Skokie, Illinois 60076
Phone: (847) 679-3135
Email: ehab@ksi.edu

Ehab Hassanein
Born in Cairo, Egypt, 1961

I got a Bachelor degree from Cairo University in Accounting in May 1982
I received a Master degree in Computer Science from Northwestern University in 1989 .
I received my Ph.D. from Northwestern University in December 1992.

My Hobbies are Reading, Programming, Listening to music.
Appreciate classical and hate modern Arts.
I used to like Rock music but not any more. "Getting older" I guess!
Recently love to her Jazz and Light music.

I love to travel, I traveled to most of western Europe. I wish to be able next to travel to China and Japan. Then to South America.

Appreciate decent sense of humor.
My favorite proverb is "content is an endless treasure"

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